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Mr David Phillips


Mr David Phillips has over Twenty years of experience as one of London's first venture capitalists. Mr. David Phillips was a co-founder of Sutter Hill Ventures in Glasgow, Scotland. During his twenty years as the senior partner of Sutter Hill, Mr. David Phillips helped to organize and finance several hundred high technology manufacturing companies. Mr. David Phillips served from 1986 to 2006 as President and Chairman of the Various Financial and Investment Institution. In 2002, he became one of the world's largest source of multilateral development grant assistance, the United Nations Development Program. In addition to serving on many corporate boards of directors, Mr. David Phillips has served on the boards of the Institute of International Education, Institute of International Studies at Oxford University, Population Action International, and Yale University, and as Chairman of the World Affairs Council of Scotland. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Mr. David Phillips has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oxford University, and a Master of Business degree, with distinction, from the Harvard Graduate School of Business.

Mr George Robinson

Managing Director, Doha, Qatar / Zurich, Switzerland

Mr George Robinson has over 17 years of management experience and is responsible for the day to day management of Capital Universal Investments and advisory to Mr. Mr. David Phillips. Mr. George Robinson is currently based in Doha, Qatar, seeking new technology opportunities in emerging markets; but is also managing the European and Asian portfolio of the Capital Universal Investments family and previously worked and resided in Zurich, Switzerland. Formerly a Senior Manager with Three Different Risk Management Groups, Mr. George Robinson was responsible for advising clients in operations, technology and finance; including early stage technology companies seeking venture funding and venture funds performing investment reviews. Most recently, Mr. George Robinson was with Northrop Grumman's Information Technology Group responsible for developing, reviewing and implementing solutions in emerging technologies; including managed IT services, network design, infrastructure management, systems integration, project management and disaster recovery planning. Mr. George Robinson is a graduate of the University of Mississippi. While at Capital Universal Investments, Mr. George Robinson has made investments in Europe, Asia, India and the Middle East region.


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Our Core Values

  • Capital Universal Investments We are an active, global venture capital firm that specializes in investments in early-stage software, telecommunications and information technology companies. We seek entrepreneurs with the experience, energy, vision and desire to build great companies.

  • Formed to diversify the Capital Universal Investments family investing initiatives, Capital Universal Investments is funding global technology companies of tomorrow and helping them to achieve maximum potential through contacts, advice and support. At the same time, we provide our portfolio companies assistance in the areas of strategy, executive team recruiting, operational execution and raising capital.

  • From our global headquarters in London, United Kingdom, we are able to keep a pulse on emerging technology trends in new and diverse markets as well as find entrepreneurs developing innovative business models globally.

  • We invite you to explore our investment focus and learn more of our history. We concentrate on finding new and disruptive technologies from around the world and look forward to hearing from you.